Sezincote Gardens

Sezincote Gardens
Neglected during the Second World War, the garden was restored in 1968 by Sir Cyril and Lady Kleinwort who were advised by Graham Stuart Thomas. Their work includes the canals and Irish yews in the South Garden, evocative of Moghul paradise gardens, a curving conservatory, home to many tender climbing plants, and little pavilion also in Indian style, and all the exceptionally fine planting of the water garden, where many rare plants can be seen.
Streams and pools are lined with great clumps of bog-loving plants and the stream is crossed by an Indian bridge adorned with Brahmin bulls. Ornaments include a temple to Surya the sun god, and a snake coiled around a column in the Snake Pond.

Sources of pleasure in Landscape Gardening:
Conformity, Utility, Order, Symmetry, Picturesque Effect, Intricacy, Simplicity, Variety, Novelty, Contrast, Continuity, Association, Grandeur, Appropriation, Animation.

Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening (1794)
Humphry Repton (1752-1818)