Sezincote Farms

Sezincote Farms

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Sezincote Farms is a family partnership that is now on its third generation.  We farm just under 2,000 acres in-hand in the North Cotswolds.  The farm lies between Moreton-in-Marsh and Stow-on-the-Wold, 3 miles to the west.

There are a further 3 tenanted farms within the estate.

The farm consists mainly of cotswold brash on the higher ground where most of our arable enterprise is concentrated and clay loam over ridge & furrow on the lower ground where our permanent pasture lies and where the cattle graze from April to November.

The farm buildings are centered around the old Model Farm Buildings which were built in the early 19th century at the same time as the house.  Of course these beautiful old buildings slowly became unusable due to the ever increasing size of modern equipment and so when another family business was sold in 1996 we built a bespoke range of cattle yards to house our newly expanding herd and also a grain dryer and storage for up to 1600 tonnes of grain.  This gives us the flexibility to “play” the markets and not be forced to sell due to lack of storage space.

Sezincote is a traditional, mixed farm enterprise with 900 acres of arable worked on a traditional rotation including winter wheat, spring and winter barley, beans and oil seed rape.  We have a beef suckler herd of 180 and we sell our stock fat at 18 months.  We entered into a 10 year Higher Level Stewardship Scheme in 2010 which includes non-rotational and rotational arable options as well as much habitat conservation and creation in the form of hedgerow management, beetle banks, conservation areas with special seed mixes to foster target species and fallow plots and over wintered stubble to provide suitable cover for particular species.  We have found this both challenging and rewarding.


The land is of Grade 3 quality, and comprises classic Cotswold brash to the west and clay loam to the east.  The topography undulates from 425 to 875 feet above sea level.  Much of the lower lying land is permanent pasture, being in ridge and furrow and with poor natural drainage.  Nearly half of the overall area of the farm is permanent pasture.



Since the 1940’s Sezincote ran a commercial herd of cattle but in 2000 the decision was made to start a small herd of pedigree Limousins.  Two cows with calves at foot were bought from Carlisle..  Other foundation purchases were Grange Onyx from George Smith at Daventry and two bulls, Grange Octavius and Rwanda.